Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tomorrow Morning

Monday morning we will be joining a co-op. I am super excited because the girls will get the chance to meet new people, and to experience new teachers. The co-op we are attending is very inexpensive, which I can really appreciate right now. It will only be $20.00 in total for both children for all of January and February. If you are in the South Metro Atlanta area, you might want to join. The co-op is called Learning is Wild I'll let you know what we think soon.

Update: We were a little late finding the facility, but it went well the first day. However I did get a nice email about my kids being "talkative and high-spirited." It was attributed to their newly home-schooled status... I am told they will be totally different after being home for a year. I am not so sure because I like my kids talkative and high-spirited, so they will probably remain themselves after a year at home.

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