Friday, January 16, 2009

August Wilson

On Monday, yes Monday we stopped going to the Co-op, my children had a guest teacher. I had to go to a pitch meeting to bring some money into the house, so my friend with a Ph.D. filled in. She told the children all about August Wilson, the playwright. He wrote a series of ten plays each from a decade in the 20th century.

Today, our ex-Seton Hall Professor friend brought the girls a tape of the Piano Lesson to watch. They love this play by Mr. Wilson. I am happy to have received such quality teaching for the children. They have to write a movie critique, so it will probably show up on their book review blog.

In other news, I am preparing my 7th grade daughter for the SAT. It will be her first go round. Duke's Talent Identification Program makes it possible for her to take the test. I'll report the results when she gets them

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