Thursday, August 7, 2014

She Keeps Thanking Me...

As many of you may know from following, I started homeschooling my two daughters in 2008 before I even had my son. It was a family decision, and it's one that we are all happy with. Despite the challenges  , which I've been honest about along the way. It has worked.  We didn't homeschool every year, we took a year or two off, but mostly it was on. The most important thing for me was that my children knew that learning at home was an option for them.

My oldest daughter attended two years of high school at different performing arts schools. After feeling disappointed in the quality of education at her second school, she requested coming home to learn again. We signed her up for public high school at home, and got her a private vocal coach. She also sang in two choirs, and joined a theater ensemble thereby creating her own performing arts curriculum in the community as opposed to school. 

She thanks me all the time and points out exactly how homeschooling has helped her to be free, independent, understanding, and feeling as though she can take on the world. 

I am always shocked when I hear that thank you, but it melts away all the doubt and side-eyes I got from outsiders when we first made that decision in October 2008. 

Here she is doing what she loves best! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New School Year Approaching!

Welp, it's coming. So many new things. My oldest girl is going to college in two weeks. I am so proud of her and myself. She is proof that homeschooling works. Of course, she wasn't only homeschooled, but she was schooled in a passion-led and purpose-led way. We put her creativity and her interests first and now she's going on to college. She received a scholarship for her vocal performance and one for her academics. And a new life begins for her...

My baby girl is starting anew as well. She's an amazing visual artist, theater artist, and culinary artist. She is completing her unschooling/relaxed homeschooling this year, and moving on to High School. It will be computer-based high school, so no homework at night. She'll be acting in a theater ensemble and she'll continue her passions at night. little 4 year old is going to begin more formal homeschooling/unschooling. It's time to start reading writing. He already does math because he loves numbers. So it will just be me & him at home doing our thing!

I am excited for the this upcoming year! What about you?

Here a few snippets of how we spent our Summer.