Monday, February 23, 2009

What's New at our School

The girls have started sewing, and jewelry making. My oldest daughter is becoming quite the baker. She is getting to the point where she can add little bits of love (special ingredients) to her baked goods. She made a great Pumpkin Bread, and the following morning I asked for Pumpkin waffles and voila they appeared.

Last week we went to the Fernbank Planetarium & Observatory. We saw a great show of the stars in Atlanta in February and in Africa in February. It was pretty cool. After the show we traveled up stars and saw actual stars through the observatory. The next day we worked on Astronomy for Science are going to track moon phases every night.

My 7th grader is starting 9th grade Algebra. It's moving along. She's also working on a book report for the To Kill A Mockingbird. We have to make regular trips to the library because the girls read a bunch.

So far, going so well. We will be standardized testing soon.