Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How Does That Work

How is it working out homeschooling with a new baby in the house? Are the children still learning? Are you still teaching? Are you getting any sleep? How are you not sleeping and teaching?

Well it's working on autopilot. The kids are working in their books. I take a few minutes to send a small lesson by email. I take a minute to answer a question here or there or give an assignment. I have even been reading with each child individually. I am using TIVO to record educational shows, and the children are still progressing. It's amazing, but things are still moving ahead. Eight year did a presentation on the Maya, 12 year old is conjugating Spanish Verbs, baby is not latching onto the breast, and I am getting bits of sleep here and there. Oh and hubby is filling in the blanks and spaces everywhere while working our business.