Friday, April 1, 2016

Last Eight Weeks of Kindergarten

This was our first week back home since my son has been in Kindergarten. My concentration has been on teaching him to learn through play again. He attended public school this year and their focus is testing, testing, writing, testing, "falling in Line" and more testing. It drove me crazy.

We've been playing word games, math games, and getting outside everyday.

Here I added sight words to Jenga pieces and we played several different games using the Jenga sight word pieces. We played regular Jenga, but we called out the out sight word from every block we chose. We also matched our pieces to make a house from a activity I found online. The activity below was cutting, coloring, & glueing out bubble letters to match our sight words. The cutting & coloring was a lesson in fine motor development. And of course putting the words together was spelling lesson.

 We've been making it out to the playground everyday. Luckily we have one walking distance from our house, however the one below was a 15 min. drive away. It's a special park with lots of fun for kids.

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