Monday, March 28, 2016

Atlanta Science Festival

Today I started homeschooling my son again. We couldn't make it through the entire year. I felt like the school was planting the seeds for test anxiety and there was also an specific incident that occurred last week that made feel that they were not very concerned about the safety of the children. My son is very interested in STEM activities. I will be teaching STEAM activities for the rest of the year. As a God send the Atlanta Science Festival was on Saturday. We enjoyed lots of science experiments. I needed ideas, and the festival gave me lots.

We worked with Legos. That's great because we have lots of legos at home. I've decided to implement a Lego's hour just to keep my son off of apps & the wii during play time.

We looked through several telescopes & discussed worms, bacteria, and microorganism. I love this idea. We can color worksheets and discuss these things for science.

We Measured wet dirt against dry dirt! That is an easy experiment for at home. Especially since we've begun a small herb garden. My son is fascinated by the scale  & measuring. Perfect for Kindergarten science & math.

Below were different activities with tubes and shapes. We can easily achieve this with dollar store swim noodles and other items. We also played with a baking soda and water mixture. The festival gave me lots of STEM ideas, and it came just in time.

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