Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New School Year Approaching!

Welp, it's coming. So many new things. My oldest girl is going to college in two weeks. I am so proud of her and myself. She is proof that homeschooling works. Of course, she wasn't only homeschooled, but she was schooled in a passion-led and purpose-led way. We put her creativity and her interests first and now she's going on to college. She received a scholarship for her vocal performance and one for her academics. And a new life begins for her...

My baby girl is starting anew as well. She's an amazing visual artist, theater artist, and culinary artist. She is completing her unschooling/relaxed homeschooling this year, and moving on to High School. It will be computer-based high school, so no homework at night. She'll be acting in a theater ensemble and she'll continue her passions at night. little 4 year old is going to begin more formal homeschooling/unschooling. It's time to start reading writing. He already does math because he loves numbers. So it will just be me & him at home doing our thing!

I am excited for the this upcoming year! What about you?

Here a few snippets of how we spent our Summer.

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