Monday, December 21, 2009

Challenges, Triumphs, Joys, and Sighs of Relief...

  1. 8th grader is totally loving Latin. She found a Latin workbook I bought earlier this year, and is so excited to use it with her textbook I bought about a month ago. - Triumph!
  2. Found out today that the 4th grader has been lying about getting work done in her Language Arts workbook. Now she cannot get a Christmas break and T.V. and computer privileges yanked for a week. - Challenge (this is my fault too, I don't grade as fast and as often as I should).
  3. 8 week old is finally latched on and nursing well. It took about 6.5 - 7 weeks. Sigh of relief
  4. Making lots of cookies and listening to a great Pandora Christmas radio station. Joy
  5. Girls sounded beautiful singing Christmas Carols in the new choir they joined. Joy
  6. 8th grader gaining voice lessons and preparation for performing arts High School audition from said choir. Sigh of relief
  7. Teaching Algebra I and three-digit multiplication Challenge and then Triumph!
  8. Watching two girls who were afraid to put their heads in the water last March, swimming 1,000 yards this December. Joy and Triumph!
  9. Receiving lots of support from the girls with feedings, changing, meal prep, and cleaning. Sigh of relief
  10. Working at home, schooling at home, eating at home, cooking at home, being at home. Joy, Sigh of relief , Challenge and Triumph!
  11. 4th grader's increased reading level and activity Triumph!
  12. 8th grader's improved writing techniques sometimes a Challenge, and sometimes a Triumph!
  13. 4th grader's handwriting, grammar, and punctuation skills Challenge!!!


  1. What an awesome way to catch us up on your family's past few weeks. I'm so glad Baby is latching on and nursing is going well. I know it's supposed to be the most natural thing in the world, but as a BTDT Mom, I know it can be a challenge.

    Happy Holidays to your family!

  2. have a lot on your plate!! I'm not only impressed by your mommy skills, but I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing your triumphs, challenges and joys. If I'm half as good my little one will turn out great.

    Have a great holiday season and be blessed.

  3. BTDT is "been there done that" LOL. Lazy text talk.

    I hope you and family are having Happy Holidays. Kiss that beautiful baby!