Friday, September 28, 2012

What We Been Up To Lately...

 We've been making bread!
 Although, this looks like a success, it was a fail. This bread was horrible because I made it on a rainy day. My little son enjoyed kneading it though.
 Our pool is open year round, and our town still has temps in the 90's, so we get out to the pool for Phys. Ed. whenever we can.
 This is what a normal day looks like. Older one was correcting her little sister's work here. Notice the red pen.
 Son & I love to paint with household items. We used paper clips, a lid, and a hand beater to make the painting above.
 I am really into saving containers to use for homeschool stuff. Does anyone else do that?
We were practicing volleyball, and the ball got stuck in the tree. I get a work out and she gets to practice, when we go to the park with the volleyball.

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