Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As I mentioned in a frustrated state a few posts ago, I am back to homeschooling. Public lasted about 5 weeks. I had several complaints, but what really tore it was my daughter being attacked on the school bus. We took all the paths that they suggest for bullying, but in the end the school was detached, helpless, and powerless to do anything. So of course, we as parents girded ourselves and got back in the homeschooling game.

So far it's been just as I had originally planned it. I want this year to be one filled with expression for my 9 year old. She also has some lessons to learn in decision making, character, and behavior.

I weave expression, decision-making, choices, life-lessons, and character building into most lessons.

Yesterday we practiced making spheres and working with perspectives. We talked about the perspectives of others and how opinions are shared.

Here's our art work and her writings about it.

Spheres : what we did.
Our spheres represent perspectives. When we first started we wanted to draw exactly like the example, but daddy’s says “we had a darker paper than the example.” Later on mommy’s perspective was to have “one light section and one dark side and one in between side.”
After we finish our first sphere my perspective was that “it looked like a tuna can.” So we worked a little harder, blended it in, played with the shadow, and soon it was looking wonderful. Before we knew it we were done.

The spheres we made were based on perspectives. Perspective are light and dark, the blends, and the colors. Basically all of our perspective put
together are what made these spheres. It’s mommy’s perspective daddy’s my perspective all of our perspectives put together to make these spheres. When you put perspectives together it
works out perfectly.


  1. First, I'm so sorry that you and your daughter had to go through such nonsense just to get an education. I was bullied in 3rd and 6th grade and I know the scars that it leaves on a person. I know you will all be happier at home. Thank goodness we have options!!

    Now, wow, love the planets and how you were able to explain spheres and perspective. Love it!! Wish you all only the best!!!

  2. Thanks Yvonne. We are so blessed that we have the ability to bring her back home.