Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I had to yell UNCLE! It was around August 21st when I realized that I hadn't had my Summer break from parenting. See I usually get about a month off. I send my girls to Grandma's. Me and husband enjoy each other for a month. We eat what we want. Say what we want. Do what we want. The house stays clean. We know who broke what. It's usually a wonderful respite. Well, this year things changed a bit. First we have a new baby, so if we sent the girls away, we weren't getting a respite. Second we had a Family Reunion trip, and so we ended up seeing grandma and skipped the Kid's visit. Third we moved to a new state and spent a pretty penny doing it, so there were no real funds for the girls vacay, plus the family vacay. In addition, we didn't do Summer camp AT ALL this Summer.

Before I knew it school time was upon, and I wasn't ready for it. I realized that I was totally fried when I had a meltdown over the girls using up the evaporated milk making waffles. I made the decision right then and there that Not just one, but both girls would be going back to school. I scrambled the paperwork together, and got my nine-year old signed up.

So far, so good!. I made the right decision. The girls love school. They are at the top of their classes, and they feel that homeschool prepared them for where they are right now. Of course, I reserve the right to begin homeschooling again, if I need to. However, it looks like this new school system is a great fit for our family.

I will post interesting stuff I find about homeschooling because I am a big time supporter. I will probably post family happenings too! However, for now we are officially Magnet schools kids and parents!

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