Friday, February 26, 2010

Gotta Hit the Books Hard

Lately we have had a bunch of special things to come up, and they have moved our school schedule around. First, it was the new baby. Then a couple visits from my mother, then studying for the spelling bee, which btw oldest loss at the next level due to nerves. Next it was a couple of trips to Florida to prepare oldest for entry into Performing Arts high School, mingled in were a few trips to the Zoo homeschool academy and lastly the girls went to Shakespeare Camp for Homeschoolers last week. They have learned a lot about the Bard of Avon, Marsupials, Camouflage, Greek words, etymology, but sadly book knowledge in Spanish, Science, American History, and parts of speech has taken a back seat. Now it's time to hit the books hard again.

March is approaching and I've been getting emails about National Testing dates. All of the sudden I am like Yikes!!! Did they get enough book learning to be able to make the scores on their national testing. Does knowing what words Shakespeare created contribute to doing well on the Iowa Basic Skills Testing? How will learning about extreme adaptation translate into knowledge expressed through those blackened circles? Well, I don't know. However, we will be hitting the books until testing time, and maybe longer so long as we get through the work.


  1. Great blog, Brooke! Don't worry so much about the ITBS. From what I understand, the results are confidential and if not the best (which judging by your academic schedule shouldn't be the case), will not be held against you.