Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Good Life and I am Thankful!

I was a little restless last night. I began to think about our bills, our financial responsibilities, the things we want out of life and our futures. I got scared and became very negative. I laid in bed conjuring up all kinds of worst case scenarios, and thought about how "others" aren't struggling and sacrificing like we are.

Suddenly, I had to stop and just be extremely thankful for our lifestyle. We aren't struggling. We have chosen to live the life we are living today. We lived the two-career, two-income, two-tuition, two-car, two-property lifestyle, and we were falling apart. We weren't seeing each other. We weren't laughing together. We weren't talking with one another, we were passing each other in our own homes. We weren't engaged and fully present in each other's lives. We spent a lot of money, we accumulated a bunch of things, but we rushed about from place to place without stopping to share joy and love.

I look at our lives now, and I am happy. At this very moment I am experiencing some discomfort associated with finances, but I am doing great. I know my children can sleep in a little because they stayed up a little past their bedtime last night. I know my husband is going to wake up and give me a big hug and kiss with a giant "Good Morning" when he rises. I know that I get to decide what my children will be learning. I get to decide how to discipline them. I get to decide how we will honor the Spirit of the Lord. I get to decide what we will eat, and what time we will leave the house. I get to spend time with each family member. I get to receive all the love and appreciation throughout the day. I also get to see and hear the immediate growth in my children. I also get to decide what I will contribute to the Universe.

There are things I can't decide like, when money will come into my home or when the bank is going to change the rules and charge me extra fees. I acknowledge that things like that have made me feel frustrated and helpless at times, but I am not with out help. God knows what we've always wanted our lives to be. God knows what we've wanted to provide for our children, and God knows exactly how to give us all that we want and need.

I am well taken care of, and I am happy for my life. It is exactly what I want it to be. Life is easy and life is effortless.

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