Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Good Ole' Library!

In these economic times the library has been a friend indeed to us friends in need. We make about two trips a week. My daughters read several books a week, so we are there a lot picking up and dropping off. The girls, especially my oldest, does an excellent job letting me know when it's time to go, and if we need to take a little money to pay a fine or two (we get into trouble with DVDs because they are only one week lends). 

So far this year my girls and other homschoolers have gone to the library to plant seeds on Earth Day, check out a cow's heart and to get a general heart lesson, take a poetry series class, and listen to a Jazz Trio. There may be more things, but I can't remember. We've done all these things free of charge, and sometimes they provide us with snacks. 

We used to go to the bookstore and shop online for books, but this year the library has been a huge help in my teaching efforts. We have learned about Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Ancient Indian Folk tales, the Grand Canyon, the Rain Forest, Etiquette, Spanish, Passover, Greek Mythology, Magnets, George Washington, Coretta Scott King, Abe Lincoln, and Harriett Tubman.  Not to mention all the wonderful fantasy, fiction books the girls have enjoyed, plus we get to listen to great epic books in the car on CD. I can't sing the praises of the library enough, and I can't emphasize how much of a help it has been on this homeschooling journey. One little secret is that the kids might not realize is that the library is gonna keep us learning all summer long, hehehe.

One more thing, I have listened to some great music from the library as well.


  1. I LOVE our library! I used to always go to bookstores too, then like you said, with the economy, I had to rethink and I love it. THe feel is awesome and being a little greedy with what you want doesn't burn, unless you forget to bring them back :)

    Nice on sneaking in some learning!

  2. The library is the BEST!!! Glad to see you all are enjoying it too!

  3. We love our local library! Enjoying this blog. It is so assuring to see such a wonderful role model teaching and fostering her children in their educational efforts. You go girl!