Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sensory Play with Navy Beans

I've been hearing a lot about sensory play lately. More so, than when I had toddlers 13 or 8 years ago. Although, my girls went to a really great Child Development center that exposed them to sensory play, so I didn't have many concerns about them in this area. Since I'm in charge of my son's education right now, I'm more in touch with him receiving a wide range of experiences. I'll have to admit that he's been doing way too much on the wii & on the ipad. He gets the normal book, abc, shapes & colors exposure, but lately I'm more committed to him getting sensory place. When we lived in a beach town, it was not a problem at all because the beach provides lots of sensory stimulation.

Anyway, Here's some video of today's sensory play. It was taken at the end of his play time, so he was transitioning into making everything into car play.

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  1. Oh , he's such a cutie-pie! Sensory play is SO important. I glad you've reintroduced it in your program.