Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Test Scores are Back!!!

I'll have to admit that test return day is always a great day at my house. I have my struggles as a parent. I sometimes feel like I am not making any headway with the girls. Sometimes it feels like a thankless job, but when tests scores come in the mail I feel on top of the world. I usually feel like I am superwoman, and I have conquered Lexi Luther:)

Anyway, younger sweetie scored well enough on Science (95th percentile) to make it into Duke's Talent Identification Program!!!! I have to say that I am breathing a sigh of relief because if she didn't make it into that program like her older sister, we were gonna have to deal with a sad 9 year-old. No matter how we steer her otherwise, she insists on competing with her older sister. She worked hard to skip a grade like older sister, but since then she has been slack. She loves her projects, poetry, art, and music, but pretty much everything else has been ho-hum. Overall she was at 75th percentile, which is pretty darn good. In her true "just under the wire fashion" she will be able to keep her "gifted" status because of her Science score, so she is more than satisfied that she is still in the league with older sis. BTW - I am not complaining at all. My younger daughter is a phenomenal poet, actress, pianist, and Biblicist.

Older sweetie, who starts high school in the Fall, has done extraordinary in the testing department as usual. She is academia's dream student. Not more gifted than younger sweetie, but a high scorer in the way that schools want you to be. She scored a total 95th percentile, and above 90th percentile on 7 tests or subtests. What more can I say. She's a great tester. We have to work on her drive though because she wants to go to Yale. I need her to take things a little more seriously. You might think that because her scores are what they are that she is taking things pretty seriously, but that's not the case. She is naturally gifted in the 3Rs, but she refuses to be organized, focused and to give it her all. She wins at most everything, so when she loses due to lack of preparation, she freaks out !!! Big time. It's sad to see.

So I'll continue to do the happy dance over because my baby girls did well on National Standardized Testing. By the way we took the California Achievement Test. Now it's time to plan for next year.


  1. Wow! It's good to read that you know you're girls so well. That has to help you as you plan and teach them. Congratulations on this achievement!!

  2. Congrats on the success! It's sweet to read how well you know your girls :)

  3. Thanks ladies. I think my favorite part of homeschooling is getting to know the learning styles of the children and also to be able to teach them in the way they like to learn.

    I will miss teaching my oldest , since she is going to High School in the Fall. However, I am very proud of who she is. She has a giant afro, and she wears it proudly at High School summer camp. I am feeling great about the two years we had together and I think it will help her High School experience immensely.

  4. Such an inspiring achievement for you, your girls, and all homeschooling/co-schooling parents out there! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you've made a commitment to teaching your babies the way they like to learn! That, in my opinion, is a key element of raising people who actually love to learn!

    Here's to continuing to raise brilliant babies!!

  5. Thanks Execumama. It's nice to receive encouragement.

  6. Congratulations on the positivity!

    I can only imagine how it would feel if we had to do testing, thankfully we are a totally non-reporting state.

    It's wonderful that you have discovered your children's learning styles and have catered to them. That's what a GREAT Homeschool Mom does!

    You ROCK!