Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Top Ten Things People Say...

when you tell them your children are home schooled.

1) Who does that, you? Uh...yes I do if that's okay with you.

2) Are you a certified teacher? No, I am not a certified teacher but I have a Master's in Professional Counseling and I have completed my coursework for a Master's in Educational Research. I know a High School Diploma is the education level that is required in Georgia, but do you think my education will do?

3) How do they like that...I guess they have no choice? Yes, actually they do have a choice. I ask them all the time if they would like to go back to regular school, and their answer is a resounding "no," at least not in Georgia.

4) That would drive me crazy...I don't have the patience. We all have to take a break once in a while. It is a commitment to take your child's education into your own hands.

5) What grades do they get on their tests? I only give spelling tests and standardized tests. If my children get answers wrong on their lessons, I ask them to redo the work after I explain anything that aren't clear on.

6) How do you know if they are on track? I know they are on track by having conversations with them about what they know. I pay attention to what I see and hear from them and I check that against what children should know at their grade level.

7) You are hiding from the world... you are gonna have to face the world sometime? I can hide as long as I like if that's what I'm doing. If I have to hide my children away to ensure their successful education, I am willing to do that.

8) Are they getting enough socialization? Children don't need to socialize with children to be social. They can socialize with me and their father, and they will be just fine. However, my children socialize with other homeschool children and other friends they have gathered over their lives.

9) Oh! Homeschool kids are so much smarter than kids that go to regular school. I'm not sure if mine are, but I can only hope so. My goal is to give them a creative, individualized, safe, expansive education. If that makes them smarter than other kids great, but I want them to be the best they can be. I believe homeschooling can provide that for them right now.

10) Your kids are lucky. Thanks my husband and I are trying to do the best we can.


  1. I've heard all these variations over the past few years. What I usually hear now, is one of two things: 1) "Oh, that's wonderful!" or 2) "That would drive me crazy!" I think it's mainly because homeschooling has become more main stream and more people at least know it's an option.

    Every once in a while I will get a comment that takes me off guard but not like it was in the beginning for me! ;-)

  2. I literally cried when I read this! I am a homeschooling mom myself and I LOVE your blog. I just saw a post you made on another blog and found myself here. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one that gets to hear these questions. I get a lot of people who feel that my children need to attend regular school and it gets very hard. Its also very lonely (for mom).

  3. @ Trochelle it does get hard at times, but when you see how well your children are progressing it makes it all worth it! If it gets lonely, I suggest you join a support group in your area. I am a member of one, it's mostly online. We meet once a month and then attend field trips together. We can't always make event, but sometimes it's nice to sit and talk to other moms while the kids socialize with one another.

  4. @Jewelry Rockstar it really does help if you have a support group. I truly live in the wrong area. I live in a very prejudice area. There are not many groups that look my kids. I honestly think they are hiding somewhere. I know there has to be a group somewhere but Lord knows where. I refuse to give up because kids that are not homeschooled don't get it and their parents can be just as rude as the kids.

  5. Cool post. Very little catches me off guard when it comes to others' reactions towards my decision to homeschool (or anything about me or my son for that matter), but it's still aggrivating to deal with - especially when you're catching it from people who you'd think would know better.

    Just a few days ago I had to deal with a store employee feeling that they had the right to be very obvious about their opinion about me homeschooling my child when I wasn't even discussing the issue with them (Yeah, I know. Unbelievable on more than one count, right?).

    Needless to say, I had to count to ten and leave the store. I finally decided to take it up with the employee's supervisor (because you know they wouldn't let me speak to the employee), and asked him to give that employee a few truths to consider the next time they see me. I mean really, do you laught or do you cry?

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing the post. I definitely needed it.