Thursday, May 12, 2016

Project Based Learning

This one picture represents several lessons. I love to teach like this because my children learn so much without realizing it. The key is to identify the skills and subjects that need practice and work that into one or two lessons, which culminates into a project.

Here were the lessons:

1) Reading - We started by reading a sight word book.
2) Spelling & sight word study - These are all sight words that we study made into a sentence.
3) Grammar - We practiced sentence structure. Spacing of letters & words, and punctuation.
4) Fine motor skills - Peeling backing and pasting onto the paper was fine motor exercise.
5) Science - One question about how many sticky fingers a frog has led us to studying frog species and frog anatomy.

And that's how you fold many lessons into a project!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Geography For Kindergarten

Our family travels a lot, but our son who is just 6 years old doesn't remember all the trips. However, we've been studying the United States just to acclimate him to the places we mention that we've been or places where relatives live.

I bought a map from the Dollar Tree of the United States. We've been putting it together while discussing road trips and attributes of each state.

We discovered a youtube channel Called Socratia.

Here's an example of a states video we watched.

Last Eight Weeks of Kindergarten

This was our first week back home since my son has been in Kindergarten. My concentration has been on teaching him to learn through play again. He attended public school this year and their focus is testing, testing, writing, testing, "falling in Line" and more testing. It drove me crazy.

We've been playing word games, math games, and getting outside everyday.

Here I added sight words to Jenga pieces and we played several different games using the Jenga sight word pieces. We played regular Jenga, but we called out the out sight word from every block we chose. We also matched our pieces to make a house from a activity I found online. The activity below was cutting, coloring, & glueing out bubble letters to match our sight words. The cutting & coloring was a lesson in fine motor development. And of course putting the words together was spelling lesson.

 We've been making it out to the playground everyday. Luckily we have one walking distance from our house, however the one below was a 15 min. drive away. It's a special park with lots of fun for kids.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Atlanta Science Festival

Today I started homeschooling my son again. We couldn't make it through the entire year. I felt like the school was planting the seeds for test anxiety and there was also an specific incident that occurred last week that made feel that they were not very concerned about the safety of the children. My son is very interested in STEM activities. I will be teaching STEAM activities for the rest of the year. As a God send the Atlanta Science Festival was on Saturday. We enjoyed lots of science experiments. I needed ideas, and the festival gave me lots.

We worked with Legos. That's great because we have lots of legos at home. I've decided to implement a Lego's hour just to keep my son off of apps & the wii during play time.

We looked through several telescopes & discussed worms, bacteria, and microorganism. I love this idea. We can color worksheets and discuss these things for science.

We Measured wet dirt against dry dirt! That is an easy experiment for at home. Especially since we've begun a small herb garden. My son is fascinated by the scale  & measuring. Perfect for Kindergarten science & math.

Below were different activities with tubes and shapes. We can easily achieve this with dollar store swim noodles and other items. We also played with a baking soda and water mixture. The festival gave me lots of STEM ideas, and it came just in time.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Break Road Trip Tips

We love road trips. I made this video series to give road trippers and aspiring road trippers ideas on how to make their trips more relaxing, more enjoyable, more affordable, and more fun. Road trips are a great way to bond families closer together. If you love Holistic Living, don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for all around everyday holism.

This first one is about planning your trip.

This one is about food and eating:

Lastly, this one is all about relaxing, relating, and releasing.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Math Fun for a Math Whiz

My newly 6 year old loves math and he is pretty great at it. I am teaching him to read and write, but I want to make sure that he goes as far as possible in math because he enjoys it. One fun game we play for math is the cards game, War. War helps him to practice more & less, plus he gets to practice counting up to about 50 because we tally up the points by counting cards from two decks.

We also enjoy websites such as pbskids, starfall, and ABCMouse for math games. Recently we've discovered a math app from a company called One Billion. It is incredible with geometry, fractions, and other math. The free version is great, but we are going to purchase the paid version soon because my son loves this app.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

We finally Made it to The MLK Monument

We took a quick trip to D.C to visit family &  friends for the holidays. Frontier had an awesome deal. 5 of us flew from Atlanta to D.C. for a total of $150.00 (Not per person. IN TOTAL).

This Tiger at the Washington Zoo was spectacular! I don't remember seeing one that close before & so playful.

Anyway, we stayed with family and enjoyed the Smithsonian and the MLK Monument. Years ago I had the children to donate money to having the museum built. This was the first time we saw what we contributed to live & in person.